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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#393 Fix type casting issue in requirements ibboard defect blocker WarFoundry API 0.2 WarFoundry-API
#142 GUI Listeners don't get registered on load defect critical WarFoundry 0.1 WarFoundry-GUI-GTK#
#422 GTK nightly build #47 error defect critical WarFoundry-GUI-GTK#
#201 WinForms UI allows taking zero of an equipment item ibboard defect major WarFoundry 0.1 WarFoundry-GUI-WinForms
#339 WarFoundry and Forge have incompatible "number formats" in datafiles defect major WarFoundry API 0.2 WarFoundry Forge
#167 Add asynchronous file loading enhancement minor WarFoundry 0.1 WarFoundry-API
#158 Opened file prompts for save after no changes ibboard defect trivial WarFoundry 0.1 WarFoundry-GUI-WinForms
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