Darpified joined the WarFoundry team in late May 2009 and started work pulling apart the compression used by the Army Builder files.

Currently having to resort to the good old ollydbg to examine exactly what silliness is going on inside Armybuilder.


Among the funnier symbols are: offset 005D2C24 in the data segment: 'What on earth?'

Also of note, they consider the iconical email program that everyone uses to be Eudora.

So I guess it's that old. The custom windowing stuff they use is terrible as well.

Note that pkzip compatible apparently means something different to everyone, but when you look at Greenleaf's software and see essentially a little checkbox asking if you want to use zlib (nee pkzip) or 'custom compression'. How hard is it to pick zlib? Especially when the zlib version of it actually performs better?


Short Bio

I don't particularly have a web presence, but in short I'm from the state of Alabama in the US, and I started gaming around 12 years ago with Warhammer Fantasy, then 40k a year after that. I played until the latest Eldar codex and got fed up and moved to Warmachine. With the imminent release of MkII for Warmachine Privateer Press has irked me enough to try out Confrontation from Rackham. Unfortunately, the newest version of Confrontation appears rather meh, so I'm apparently going to be stuck with the 3.5 version.

If there are any quality games out there please let me know, I'm somewhat despondent at the moment.

However, the new version of the Imperial Guard codex *almost* has me tempted to give GW a try, just too expensive since I got rid of all my stuff :(

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