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Dev Notes - Unit Equipment

The following development notes are on unit equipment and how best to handle it. This includes how to define what equipment a unit type can take and what equipment a unit currently has. Any text that is in <pointyBrackets> is a tag in the default WarFoundry XML file format.

Defining a unit type's equipment

To allow multiple unit types to share the same equipment the Race definition contains a common <equipmentItem> definition. All that is common to an item of equipment is its name, "armour type" and cost - everything else changes per-unit.

Each unit then has a <unitEquipmentItem> definition references an <equipmentItem> and defines limits on how many can be taken, exclusion lists of what the item can and cannot be taken with, whether the item (or one of the items it is in an exclusion group with) must be taken and (after ticket:82) whether there is a custom multiplier on the item's value.

Equipment creation tool

Eventually an datafile editor will be made available, but in the meantime the following tool can be used to help in creating equipment for units. WarfoundryEquipmentTool