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    44The following are a selection of questions and answers that may or may not be frequently asked by developers. [wiki:Developers Developers and documenters] can add their own questions and answers, or post in the [ forums] to get answers to questions that will then be added here.
    6 == How do I get WarFoundry? ==
     6== General Development ==
     7=== How do I get WarFoundry? ===
    78That depends on whether you want to get the [#HowdoIgetthesourcecodeforWarFoundry source] or the [#HowdoIgetthebinarybuildofWarFoundry binary] version.
    9 == How do I get the source code for WarFoundry? ==
     10=== How do I get the source code for WarFoundry? ===
    1112If you just want to read it then the source code is in the [browser:/ Trac source code browser]. Instructions and locations for checking the code out from Subversion are in our [wiki:Development/GettingStarted#Gettingthesourcecode Getting Started guide].
    13 == How do I get the binary build of WarFoundry? ==
     14=== How do I get the binary build of WarFoundry? ===
    1516At the time of writing [milestone:"WarFoundry 0.1" v0.1 of WarFoundry] is still a milestone and hasn't been released. Binary builds will eventually be on the [ downloads page], or you can build it yourself.
    17 == What tools do I need to write code for WarFoundry? ==
     18=== What tools do I need to write code for WarFoundry? ===
    1920At its simplest you need an editor, a compiler and a tool to check out the source code from version control and commit your changes. In practice most people use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Visual Studio or MonoDevelop, which integrates the compiler. MonoDevelop also integrates version control tools for Subversion as well.
    2122For more details see our [wiki:Development/GettingStarted#RequiredTools Getting Started guide].
    23 == How do I commit my changes? ==
     24=== How do I commit my changes? ===
    2526Committers need write access to the repository, but anyone can ask to be given write access. To get a [wiki:Developers developer] account, sign up on this site and then contact IBBoard (either [ through the forums] or [ his website]) to get the account promoted to a "developer" account and a Subversion account created. Once you set up your Subversion repositories with a username and password you will be able to commit to both the WarFoundry and IBBoard utils repositories.
    2728Additionally, we have a set of hooks to connect the dev site with the source control. This means that there are some [wiki:Development/CommitMessage commit message conventions] that must be followed.
     30== WarFoundry and Ohloh ==
     32=== What is Ohloh? ===
     34[ Ohloh] is a directory of open source projects with a lot of extra features. It also tracks commits to source control and associates them with user accounts, as well as providing metrics on projects.
     36=== How do I claim my commits? ===
     38All commits to the WarFoundry code are done under a given username, claiming those commits as yours in the Subversion repository. To claim those commits on Ohloh (so that they're associated with your username and avatar) sign up for an account, go to the [ Ohloh WarFoundry project page] and claim your Subversion username.