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    2828Additionally, we have a set of hooks to connect the dev site with the source control. This means that there are some [wiki:Development/CommitMessage commit message conventions] that must be followed.
     30== Trac ==
     32=== What is Trac? ===
     34Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects that integrated with Subversion. It allows us to make development notes in a wiki, record bugs and feature requests, and tag commits of source code against tickets (even allowing us to close the ticket from the commit message).
     36=== What are all of the ticket statuses about? ===
     38Trac comes with a few statuses in its ticket workflow, but the WarFoundry site has extended that slightly. We now have:
     40 * '''New''' - ticket has been submitted but not checked out by a Dev
     41 * '''Confirmed''' - the ticket has been confirmed as a bug but hasn't been taken to be worked on
     42 * '''InfoNeeded/InfoNeeded_New''' - the developers need more information to help confirm/diagnose/fix the bug
     43 * '''Assigned''' - the ticket has been assigned to a specific person to handle, but the person hasn't accepted it yet
     44 * '''Accepted''' - the ticket has been accepted and is in the developer's queue of "things to fix/do"
     45 * '''Closed''' - the ticket has been fixed or rejected. See the "resolution" for more information
     46 * '''Reopened''' - a closed ticket wasn't fixed or information has been provided that indicates that it shouldn't have been rejected
    3048== WarFoundry and Ohloh ==