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    7272=== Race File Definition ===
     74A Race is the definition of the available unit types that can be used to create an army of a given faction or race. A Race file must have "WarFoundry_Race" at the start of the Zip file's comment and contain a file called data.racex. The .racex file should use the [browser:IBBoard.WarFoundry.API/trunk/dtds/race.xsd race.xsd schema].
     76A sample race to go with the above game system would look like:
     79<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     80<race xmlns="" id="Empire" name="Empire" system="sampleSys">
     81        <units>
     82                <unit id="Empire1" typeName="Empire General" cat="cat1" points="100" maxNum="1" maxSize="1">
     83                        <stats>
     84                                <stat name="M">4</stat>
     85                                <stat name="WS">6</stat>
     86                                <stat name="BS">6</stat>
     87                                <stat name="S">4</stat>
     88                                <stat name="T">4</stat>
     89                                <stat name="W">3</stat>
     90                                <stat name="I">6</stat>
     91                                <stat name="A">4</stat>
     92                                <stat name="Ld">9</stat>
     93                        </stats>
     94                        <unitEquipment>
     95                                <unitEquipmentItem id="equip1" required="true" />
     96                        </unitEquipment>
     97                </unit>
     98                <unit id="Empire2" typeName="Swordsmen" cat="cat2" points="10">
     99                        <stats>
     100                                <stat name="M">4</stat>
     101                                <stat name="WS">3</stat>
     102                                <stat name="BS">3</stat>
     103                                <stat name="S">4</stat>
     104                                <stat name="T">3</stat>
     105                                <stat name="W">1</stat>
     106                                <stat name="I">4</stat>
     107                                <stat name="A">1</stat>
     108                                <stat name="Ld">7</stat>
     109                        </stats>
     110                        <unitEquipment>
     111                                <unitEquipmentItem id="equip1" required="true" exclusivityGroup="group1" />
     112                                <unitEquipmentItem id="equip2"/>
     113                                <unitEquipmentItem id="equip3" required="true" exclusivityGroup="group1" />
     114                        </unitEquipment>
     115                </unit>
     116        </units>
     117        <equipment>
     118                <equipmentItem id="equip1" name="sword" cost="1"/>
     119                <equipmentItem id="equip2" name="shield" cost="1"/>
     120                <equipmentItem id="equip3" name="broadsword" cost="2" />
     121        </equipment>
     125This race file defines the units of the "Empire" race for the Sample System. It defines a General in the Characters category and a Swordsman unit in the Regiments category. The Swordsmen must have a sword or a broadsword, but can't take both. They can also take a shield, but don't start with it.
     127On top of this example, the Race file can also define abilities and which units have them, it can override the system categories (e.g. Chaos armies in Warhammer always used to have a different structure to other armies), and it can define extra data for each unit that can be used by plugins (e.g. a "Warhammer 40,000 roster" plugin may use extra data to identify units that don't count towards the minimum number of Troop squads).
    74129=== Army File Definition ===
     131''Detail to follow''