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    2222== Races ==
    24 TODO
     24Race files define the units and equipment that can be taken in an army of a given race. Each race must be part of a game system and each army must be of a race.
     26=== <race> ===
     28A race defines an {{{id}}} and a {{{subid}}}. These are used to differentiate between races definitions. The subid can be used to define sub-races, either official sub-'races' like Black Templar Space Marines (who are still Space Marines, but have their own units) or unofficial sub-races such as campaign-specific versions with additional restrictions.
     30Each race also defines its name, which is shown to the user, and the ID of the game system that it is part of.
     32=== <units> and <unit> ===
     34The {{{<units>}}} tag is a container for {{{<unit>}}} tags. Unit tags define everything about a unit, including equipment, statistics, limits on the number of troops in the unit (min/maxSize), limits on the number of times the unit can be taken (min/maxNum), and other additional data.
     36==== <stats> and <stat> ====
     38==== <unitEquipment> and <unitEquipmentItem> ====
     40The {{{<unitEquipment>}}} tag is a container for {{{<unitEquipmentItem>}}} tags. unitEquipmentItem tags define the equipment that a unit can take by referencing an equipment item in the main list.
     42 * {{{id}}} - the ID of the equipment item in the main list
     43 * {{{required}}} - whether the item must be taken by the unit (e.g. swords for swordsmen)
     44 * {{{exclusivityGroup}}} - currently a single string, but will be multi-valued. Defines a "group" where only one item from the group can be taken at once
     45 * {{{minNum}}}/{{{maxNum}} - the minimum and maximum number of times an item can be taken by each instance of the unit
     46 * {{{minPercentage}}}/{{{maxPercentage}} - the minimum and maximum percentage of the unit who can be equiped with the item
     47 * More detail soon...
     49=== Rest... ===
     51More detail to come...
    2653== Armies ==