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Why Subversion and not Git/Mercurial/Bazaar/etc?

On the forums, Brother Tober suggested using Git for source control. While I'm sure Git has its uses (Linus Torvalds created it for use with the Linux Kernel, so he knew what he felt wasn't provided for at the moment!) WarFoundry has gone for Subversion. There are several reasons why we use Subversion:

  1. Subversion is a big improvement over CVS, especially with things like universal revision numbers.
  2. Subversion integrates well with bug tracking software like Trac
  3. Subversion is built in to MonoDevelop and has plugins for Visual Studio, Eclipse and numerous other editors, or there are stand-alone clients
  4. Git is a bit of a paradigm shift that people might not be familiar with compared to the older and more common centralised system of CVS/Subversion/Source Safe.
  5. If you really want to use Git then you can still use Git locally and push changes to the main Subversion when they're done (which is what a guy at work does as he works from home without Subversion access at times)