IBBoard is the founder and 'lead developer' of WarFoundry.

Having started using Rollcall around the turn of the millennium, IBBoard later took the source code and started to update it. One release of Rollcall was made by IBBoard, with a second one not getting too far before Windows and Visual Basic was ditched for ideas of a fresh start with a new application and wider support for both different wargames and operating systems.

WarFoundry is that fresh start, with cleaner and more flexible file formats as well as multi-platform compatibility from the start. The application is also built on a set of utilities that had initially been created for IBBoard's range of utilities for the Dawn of War computer game.

  • Homepage - Contains an old blog, notes on Windows and Linux tips and tricks, old themes, useful scripts and other snippets
  • @IBBoard - The new Twitter micro-blog with updates on development work
  • Devlog - The old micro-blog with updates on development work
  • IBBoard's tickets - anything assigned to or accepted by IBBoard to work on
  • HWT forum profile
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