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WarFoundry Roadmap

The following is the general plan and roadmap for the WarFoundry application. It is a companion piece to the ticket roadmap that shows versions and the number of open tickets (bugs, tasks and enhancements) that are assigned to each version. This document provides more of an overview and a longer-term view.

In Progress

The current goals (as of April 2009) are as follows:

  • Finish development on WarFoundry 0.1 to get a useful functional core
  • Finish the Rollcall plugin 0.1 so that people can make use of pre-existing Rollcall files on release
  • Get more developers, testers and users on-board so that we can progress quicker

The next step

Once v0.1 is released there are still some features that would be needed before the application is totally feature complete. The next set of goals would then include:

  • Finish development on WarFoundry 0.2 to extend the core towards a complete feature set
  • Finish the Rollcall plugin 0.2 so that people can make full use of pre-existing Rollcall files
  • Introduce a proper plugin structure so that people can extend the application with their own file loaders or rules sets

Version One

Version one will be the first version that is feature-complete for an army creator, including army validation and other useful features. Exactly what remains in it and how many versions there will be between v0.2 and v1.0 depends on what people feel is missing and how the project progresses.

That's not to say that all versions before 1.0 won't be useful, just that there may be some features (like checking you have enough Troops in your Warhammer 40,000 army) that might not be in versions before 1.0.

Other plans and ideas

There are a number of other ideas floating around that will be supported as and when we get time/get extra developers and if people show an interest in them. The "would like" list of planned features with no ETA currently includes:

  • ArmyBuilder support so that WarFoundry can load Army Builder data files (see this thread for discussion on the topic)
  • A Mac OS X/Carbon interface so that we can support the other main desktop OS
  • A QT interface for people who use KDE
  • A web-based interface (we should be able to use the API for mod_mono/ASPX pages and an online version of the tool)
  • Support for The Forge data files (may be a no-go as it doesn't seem to have been updated in ages)
  • Support for Games Workshop's own Interactive Army List files (again, may be a no-go as GW doesn't seem to have updated it in years)

For now, though, the focus will be on Windows and Linux (GTK) and native WarFoundry files with Rollcall support through a plugin.