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Trac Conventions

Although Trac allows several ways of referencing tickets and changesets/revisions, there are some conventions that have emerged through my (IBBoard's) use of Trac.


Tickets are generally referenced as "#ticketnumber", especially when committing a change as it will read "Re #ticketnumber" or "Fixes #ticketnumber". If it is clearer (e.g. InterTrac links saying "ibboard:ticket:ticketnumber") then "ticket:ticketnumber" should be used, but it is generally longer and unnecessary.


Although Trac seems to default to [revisionnumber] for changesets the alternate "rrevisionnumber" format (e.g. "r1) seems to read more easily since you can write "Fixed in r100" and the "r" then reads as "revision" without wondering what square brackets mean.


As there is library code as well as WarFoundry code we actually have a separate Trac install for the common libraries. Referencing across to tickets should use a InterTrac link. The only one currently set up is "!ibboard:", which links to items in the other Trac. An example of InterTrac is that ticket:1 links to ticket one in the WarFoundry Trac, while ibboard:ticket:1 links to ticket one in the IBBoard utils Trac.