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    1313 1. Java is a "one language, one VM" system, where as with .Net WarFoundry will be written in C# and other people can write plugins (like the [browser:IBBoard.WarFoundry.Plugin.Rollcall Rollcall plugin]) in [ any .Net language] they wish.
    1414 1. If you wrote it in Java then you could put it on PDAs if you wrote an alternate interface, since a standard app interface would be too big. Something similar should be possible with .Net as MS has the [ .Net Compact Framework] for WinCE PDAs and it's probably possible to install Mono on a PDA (there's mention [ here] which seems to imply a standard install works fine).
     16== Why .Net and not C++? ==
     18 1. I don't know C++ and I don't intend to learn it for a hobby project
     19 1. It would force everyone else to know C++ as well
     20 1. Languages with higher levels of abstraction let you concentrate more on the application and less on the memory management and other low-level details
     21 1. The app would need to be built multiple times for different architectures/GUI toolkits
     23== Why .Net and not Python? ==
     25While my work with Trac is getting me used to the idea of Python as a usable language (originally it looked too much like Basic) there are a few problems:
     27 1. As with C++, I don't know Python and you're forcing everyone who wants to contribute to use Python
     28 1. Python is new to the Windows scene and most people won't know about it, what it is or even have an installed framework. .Net is likely to be installed on a lot of Windows machines though, especially as people move to Vista/Windows 7.