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WarFoundry @ Dev.IBBoard

WarFoundry is the cross-platform, multi-system, open-source army builder application from IBBoard. The idea started in 2006 and by the end of 2008 this area was eventually set up to allow contributions from other people and to make the application public.

WarFoundry also depends on IBBoard's utils, which are also being open-sourced. A separate Trac install is available for the utils and issues relating to them.

What is here

This section of the site (the Trac install at contains:

  • our roadmap for the application
  • a browsable copy of the source code and its revisions
  • the ticketing system where users and developers can [newticket report bugs or request features]
  • a timeline of changes made to tickets and source code.

What we need

WarFoundry needs help in several areas, all of which help the development of WarFoundry but not all of which need you to code. As an open source application it's easy to get involved. The main areas that we currently need help with are:

  • Developers - anyone can freely check out the source code from svn:// If you want to contribute code changes back then please contact IBBoard.
  • Users - an application isn't very useful without users. The current design direction works along the lines of what seems to be needed with a basis in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, but with flexibility to cover a generic system. The more users we get from different game systems the better we can support them.
  • Documentation - by the time the tool reaches its first release we'll need documentation on how to use it and how to create files for it. Although the Developers know the program, they're not always the best ones to describe its use to the general public, so specific documenters are always helpful.
  • Graphics/UI - a lot of open source applications can be functionally great but have a poor user interface. The split between a back-end API library and front-end UIs makes creating new interfaces easier, but any graphical input would be appreciated