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Fixes #334: Add credits to "About" page * Added Credits dialog to match Gnome/GTK style * Included WinForms testers in credits, as they tested the core API libraries
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date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 15:43:05 +0000
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//  This file (FrmAboutCredits.cs) is a part of the IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.GTK project and is copyright 2010 IBBoard
//  The file and the library/program it is in are licensed and distributed, without warranty, under the GNU Affero GPL license, either version 3 of the License or (at your option) any later version. Please see COPYING for more information and the full license.

using System;
using IBBoard.GtkSharp.Translatable;

namespace IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.GTK
	public partial class FrmAboutCredits : TranslatableDialog
		public FrmAboutCredits()