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New Developer Guide

The following is an introductory guide for new developers on the WarFoundry project. It will hopefully guide people new to the project through the process of getting involved as a developer.

Some useful links are:

How to get started

Instructions on how to get started with the source code are in our Getting Started guide.

Once you have the source code you can build and use WarFoundry, but can't commit changes back to the project. If you want to help out and make changes then please contact IBBoard (either through the forums or his website) to get your Trac account promoted to a "developer" account and a Subversion account created.

What can I help with?

There are lots of things that people can help with. The Get Involved page details the ways to get involved in a broad sense, but any contribution is welcomed.

I'm new to using source control - how do I use it?

I'm new to large projects - where do I start?

How does the ticketing system work and how does it help?