Getting Started - Quick Start Guide

The following is the quick-start guide for working with WarFoundry. More detail is available in the Getting Started pages.


To build and develop the #WarFoundry tools you need:

Getting the source code

To build/develop WarFoundry, you'll need to clone the following repositories (pick the appropriate ones for the GUI you're working with). To make use of the existing solution files, put them all in the same folder.

If building from source, you can ignore the test projects. For development work, please also get the unit test projects and run the unit tests to ensure everything still works.

WarFoundry WinForms

Project nameMercurial locationDescription
IBBoard.Windows.Forms Custom System.Windows.Forms controls
IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.WinForms System.Windows.Forms interface for WarFoundry

Plus WarFoundry API projects.

WarFoundry GTK#

Project nameMercurial locationDescription
IBBoard.GtkSharp Custom GTK# controls and helper methods
IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.GTK GTK# interface for WarFoundry

Plus WarFoundry API projects.

WarFoundry Qt# (Qyoto)

Project nameMercurial locationDescription
IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.QtSharp Qt#/Qyoto interface for WarFoundry

Plus WarFoundry API projects.

WarFoundry API

Project nameMercurial locationDescription
IBBoard Core IBBoard utils
IBBoard.WarFoundry.API Core API for WarFoundry
SharpZipLib Custom build of SharpZipLib because of bug #311

WarFoundry API Tests

Project nameMercurial locationDescription
IBBoard.Tests Tests for core IBBoard utils (optional - only necessary if you modify the utils library)
IBBoard.NUnit Extra NUnit methods (optional - currently only required if you get IBBoard.Tests)
IBBoard.WarFoundry.API.Tests Tests for the core WarFoundry API

Opening the projects

Each of the GUI projects (IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.GTK, IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.QtSharp and IBBoard.WarFoundry.GUI.WinForms) contains a .sln file. If all of your projects are in the same parent folder then opening this file in your IDE of choice will load the project.

Contributing changes

Once you've got the code then you can build and run it. You can also make changes and make local commits, but they won't be visible to anyone else until you share them.

For more details on how to share your contributions, read the Contributing instructions.

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