Ticket Workflow

As well as some TracConventions and CommitConventions to help developers work together, we also have a non-standard Trac ticketing workflow to aid the collection, checking and progress on tickets. The workflow is as follows:

Step Description Next Steps
NewTicket has been submitted, but not reviewed by anyonenew_needinfo or confirmed
ConfirmedTicket has been reviewed by one of the developers and confirmed, or accepted as a sensible enhancementneedinfo, accepted or resolved
New_NeedInfoThe ticket has not been confirmed, and further information is required before we can confirm it.new_needinfo, confirmed or resolved
NeedInfoThe ticket has been confirmed, but more information is required from the reportee or other users to complete development workconfirmed, accepted or resolved
AcceptedA developer has accepted the ticket (bug, task or feature request) and has claimed it to work on itresolved
ResolvedThe ticket has been resolved, either because it can't be recreated, because it isn't valid, because it is a duplicate, or is already fixed, or (hopefully) because a fix has been created
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