WarFoundry for Android

This page currently contains random notes on a possible WarFoundry for Android.

  • We need to rebuild all libraries against Android. The easiest way seems to be a second .csproj file, but we need to keep them synced. A method for using links and a separate project is here.
  • The Mono for Android dev plugin exists for Linux in MonoDevelop and the Android SDK exists, but the Mono for Android SDK isn't available on Linux. 90% of it works when extracted from the Windows and Mac builds, but the mandroid binary is a native binary. Running the Windows one through Wine doesn't help, because it then calls Linux-build SDK binaries.
  • We are limited on what libraries we can use, but we shouldn't stray outside them too much anyway
  • The Mono for Android trial just limits you to virtual testing. This may be sufficient for initial PoC, unless anyone has a full license. My understanding is that we only need a single license for the official builder and that all other work could take place on Trial accounts.
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