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author IBBoard <>
date Wed, 18 Aug 2021 20:40:17 +0100
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#! /bin/bash -e


if [ ! -d "$DISK" ]; then
	echo "Disk not found at $DISK!" >&2
	exit 1

cp "$(ls -1 /mnt/backup/rsync/installed-packages-*|tail -n1)" "$DISK"
rm "$(ls -1 "$DISK"/installed-packages-* | head -n1)"
rm -rf $DISK/backup-prev
if [ -d "$DISK"/backup ]; then
	mv $DISK/backup{,-prev}
mkdir $DISK/backup

# Sacrifice the Windows game installers to free up space
# We should be fine, but it everything fails between now
# and backup completion then they're big but least important
rm -rf $DISK/backup-prev/media/Downloads/games/Windows
# Ditto the Games Workshop documents
rm -rf $DISK/backup-prev/media/Documents/Games\ Workshop/

/usr/local/bin/do-backup "$DISK"/backup/